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About Us

Why Choose Bob's Balloons

Bob's Balloons

Our owner/pilot, Bob, is a native of Orlando, Florida, so he grew up in the area he flies. He has been an FAA licensed balloon pilot since 1981 and has logged several hundred flights since then. He will go out of his way to make your balloon flight a truly memorable event!

The exact location of the take off and landing will be determined by the wind direction of the time of flight. We go where the breeze pushes us. Have an event and want a hot air balloon in your back yard or parking lot? We can also tether it down and do captive flights.


As a certified Notary Public, Bob is licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. The rites are usually conducted prior to lifting off into the sky for a fabulous balloon flight. What a great way to celebrate the start of your life together!

Bob Wilamoski, Owner/Pilot

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